Success Stories

Here are some examples of some of the successful companies who have benefited from the Surrey 100 Club. We’re proud of all the companies we help, and they all have a special story, but here are some of the highlights.

Flash Pack

Radha Vyas – Co-Founder

Company:The Flash Pack

Flash Pack are experts in adventure travel and tours for solo travellers in their 30’s & 40’s. Flash Pack create unique experiences across the globe for thrill-seeking adults who want to explore extraordinary places – without compromising on comfort. 

Why S100 Club?

We researched thoroughly before deciding to pitch at investment clubs.  We heard about the S100 Club through word of mouth and it came highly recommended as a legitimate place to raise investment. 

The S100 Club stands out because it doesn’t take any equity or charge the company anything – most other clubs do!

What Did You Get Out Of Being Part Of S100 Club?

“You have to go through certain stages at the S100 Club to get to pitch at the event - most of which were pitch preparation sessions.  These stages were incredibly helpful to iron out kinks in our pitch”

“We received really valuable advice and feedback from the panel of judges at the Panel day event (which includes 2-3 Surrey 100 Club investors) before being selected to pitch at the Club event”

Final Thoughts

Before presenting at the event, we had already secured our lead investor.and we needed to close the round. Our lead investor had agreed to put the rest of the money in.  However, as a company, we felt we wanted different skills from our investors so bringing on board another would be a good idea.  In fact at the Club Event we were approached by 9 investors – of which we picked 1 (who represented a pool of investors).

HOX Therapeutics

James Culverwell, Chairman

Company: Hox Therapeutics

HOX Therapeutics Ltd (HTL) was established in 2013 as a preclinical cancer research company. Having now progressed to a clinical stage company, the principal focus remains the therapeutic potential of drugs that target the aberrant biological activity of the HOX family of genes (which occurs in many cancers).

HOX genes are master regulators of embryonic development but are relatively inactive in normal adult cells. The HTL team have established that in most cancers, HOX genes are selectively reactivated and promote cancer growth, meaning that HOX proteins are potentially highly selective therapeutic targets.

Why S100 Club?

Based at the Surrey Technology Centre, Hox Therapeutics was invited to apply to the S100 Club to its summer 2018 investment event and successfully pitched for investment to an audience of high net-worth S100 Club angel investors.

James Culverwell, Chairman, Hox Therapeutics comments, “Developing a new drug is a long and extremely costly process. We need to continuously attract investment from those who appreciate the risks of investing in life sciences, have deep pockets and are prepared to take a long term view.”

What did you get out of being part of S100 Club?

According to Culverwell the most valuable element of the process was the insight and advice the S100 team provided to enable him to perfect his pitch to potential investors. The experienced, multi-discipline S100 team worked with Culverwell to succinctly communicate the benefits of a complex, potentially globally ground-breaking investment opportunity to an audience not used to hearing pitches from MedTech companies.

Final thoughts

Culverwell continues, “I would recommend the S100 Club to others seeking investment. Their experience and help honing my pitch to ten minutes was invaluable. It is easy to become too close to day-to-day development challenges to understand how best to communicate a complex investment offering to a mixed and varied audience of potential investors. The S100 team worked effectively to craft a highly effective ‘elevator pitch’ for Hox Therapeutics.”


Rick Brownlow, Co-Founder and CEO

Company: Geektastic streamlines tech sourcing, recruiting and hiring. The platform has two distinct audiences – talented developers can be paid to review code and recruiters can save time and speed up their hiring flow by gaining an in-depth understanding about candidates’ programming skills, code quality, solution design and problem solving. Geektastic’s peer review code challenges engage candidates and provide far deeper insight than machine based screening approaches.

Why S100 Club?

“We had paying clients using our platform but needed investment to develop the Geektastic platform further to achieve our growth ambitions. We had already attracted funding from our existing investors as well as a number of Angel Investors but our philosophy in terms of both clients and angels is that if you can find one, you can find 5, if you can find 5 you can find 50!” explains Rick Brownlow.

What did you get out of being part of S100 Club?

Rick continues, “The S100 Club was one of the best angel groups we attended. The whole approval process was professionally run and prepared us well for the grand finale – the pitch in front of a number of Angel Investors. The opportunity to mix and chat with the angels after the event was what probably led to us getting our investment. We were fortunate to secure £28,000 from three S100 Club investors.”

According to Rick, he picked up valuable advice from the S100 team in terms of preparing for the pitch and getting the tone right when presenting to the Angel Investors.

“The S100 team encouraged me to pitch with enthusiasm and excitement but not to go ‘over the top’. They advised me that if I wasn’t enthusiastic about the business then it’s very unlikely the angels would be.”

We were provided with excellent coaching for the event, which included practice runs for the pitch and ideas about the best way to present our company. As a result of the presentations we made, we’ve received some of our core initial funding, some excellent advice, and we’ve also met other companies that we can effectively collaborate with in the future. We’ve also been introduced to potential future investors.

Final thoughts 

Rick concludes, “The biggest challenge in terms of raising investment is the distraction it takes from the day job. This shouldn’t be underestimated – it took around 7 months to close the investment.

“Since receiving the funding, we’ve experienced tangible business benefits. We are now carrying out trials with some big names in the tech space and have hired two part-time Sales Managers to help to grow the business.”


“You’re sure to find someone in the network who could be useful to help your business grow”

Peter Lilley, Co-Founder, iGeolise

Company: iGeolise

Set up in 2009, iGeolise builds applications that add value to geographic information. The company’s first application, Travel Time, converts distance into time, based on the insight that minutes mean more than miles. 

Why S100 Club?

“We were looking for equity funding and as part of SETsquared, we regularly review our business with the SETsquared team at the University of Surrey. We were also looking for good contacts and feedback on both our business idea and our presentation. S100 Club came with a good recommendation and it’s also free to give the presentations, unlike other investment clubs, so it was a no-brainer.”

What did you get out of being part of S100 Club?

“We were able to go through out pitch and presentation with the SETsquared team – although we’re not novices at such things, there’s always room to improve. We made some interesting contacts and one has become a mentor for us. Another Venture Capitalist is now much more open to us getting in contact because we’ve met him, and they’re not often easy to get a hold of.”

Final thoughts 

“Pitching is a case of practice makes perfect and the more opportunities a start-up can get the better they’ll be. And the world is an oddly small, interconnected place – each contact can lead to a range of other contacts, so the networking is potentially huge.”